About Tanya

I love being part of the creative process that brings the words on the page to life on screen. While reading the first go of the script I imagine what all the characters will look like. After breaking down the script to determine how many changes there are I meet with the director to get their vision. Then comes the concept meeting with the producers, director and all the art department. Together we come up with a cohesive look for the production. At which point the costumes team kicks into gear. There are buyers, tailors, breakdown artists and over all organizers working endless hours to make it all happen behind the scenes. We tell our version of the story with deliberate costume choices. Style determines an individual look and status for each character. We set the tone with specifically chosen colours or patterns. Each character’s look is thoughtfully considered to create the desired mood of the production. As head of the costumes department it is my job to oversee that everything runs smoothly, on budget and on time. And that we meet the creative expectations of the production.