About Tanya

As head of the Costumes Department, Tanya takes great care choosing her crew and overseeing the team dynamic.  She ensures that her team maintains the aesthetic vision while delivering the highest standard of professionalism. Her extensive knowledge of retailers, suppliers, resources and craftspeople enables her steadfast approach to creativity.  Tanya has acquired expertise in researching and building costumes to achieve accurate period looks as well as deliberate timelessness.

She has a keen eye for detail and visual imagery. Each character’s look is thoughtfully considered to create the desired mood of the film.  Moreover, her inherent knowledge of style and fit are well balanced by her background in fine art and photography (BA, Dawson College; BFA Art History/Photography, Concordia University, Montreal QC.)

Tanya Lipke is creative and resourceful within a budget. She appreciates the importance of collaboration and strives for clear communication between the director, producers, production designer, cast and her own department.